Things You Will Need For Your New Arrival

1 Exercise Pen for puppy while you are busy doing things and cannot watch the puppy

1 Small Vari Kennel or Pet Taxi (made of plastic) or one Soft Crate (made of mesh and nylon). Kennel should not exceed 2-1/2ft in length and no more than 18 inches in width and/or a Puppy Play Pen.

2 small dishes (preferably dishwasher safe and chew proof). Bowls should be large enough to hold a days worth of water in one and at least one cup of food (for when the dog is eating adult size portions.) Make sure that they are heavy enough not to tip over and spill easily.

1 rope toy

1 sm. Plush fleece (dog safe) toy w/ squeaky

1 sm. Latex squeak toy

1 sm. Bag of Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy

1 tube of Nutri-cal dietary supplement (in the event the puppy shows signs of stress)

1 pkg. of 14 or 21 day Potty Pads (the ones for larger dogs are best!) You can get bed pads from the medical supply store by the case, which is much cheaper, if you’d like!

1 nylon web collar (puppy ones don’t have holes in them so that you can adjust them as they grow). They either have a plastic clip or the nylon is mesh so you can poke the buckle through anywhere.

1 small bell for the collar, so you can hear her coming and for when she’s under foot.

1 6 ft light-weight nylon leash

1 temporary ID tag. A permanent one can be ordered when you decide on a name, but in the meantime, just is case the puppy is lost you will have a way to get him back to you. **Putting “needs medication” or “diabetic” on his tag usually insures his/her return.

Slicker Brush (gentle made for cats preferably)

Puppy Shampoo