Benefits of owning a Maltese

  • Purebred puppies      
  • Gentle mannered and trusting
  • Affectionate and loving
  • Lively     
  • Playful Train easily
  • Highly intelligent                      
  • Great with children
  • Bold and quick to sound alarm at suspicious noises
  • Do well with other animals       
  • Stay small when full grown
  • Love to play outdoors but live indoors
  • Life expectancy is 13-18 years        
  • Do not shed…hypo-allergenic        

Maltese make wonderful companions, as they are eager to please and highly intelligent. They love the company of human families and are energetic and affectionate. The Maltese responds well to training and can be taught a variety of entertaining tricks if rewarded sufficiently. It is important to socialize your Maltese from puppy hood. Children should be supervised when playing with a Maltese puppy, as the dog can easily be injured by rough handling.

The Maltese can be sensitive to hot, damp or cold weather so care should be taken when taking your dog outdoors in extreme temperatures. They are small enough to get plenty of exercise inside, but enjoy a daily walk. It is crucial to comb and brush the silky, long coat daily to prevent the formation of mats and tangles. If you prefer the “puppy cut” it makes it a lot easier to maintain. Plus with short hair they always look like a little puppy. The Maltese needs regular bathing, at least once a month, but must be kept warm during and after. If you prefer, you can use a dry shampoo periodically. The eye area is prone to staining and must be kept clean. I have a few suggestions to help with this issue. You can have the hair around your Maltese eyes clipped to make care easier. These dogs don't shed and are excellent pets for people with allergies.