Caring For Your New Maltese Puppy

Feeding Instructions

Puppies eat very well and often. I recommend free feeding dry food by leaving it out at all times, accompanied by two small warm meals a day. Mix ¼ cup of dry food with 1 tbsp of canned puppy food. Increase the amounts as the puppy grows in size and appetite. Continue feeding the dry food given to you by me (Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy) until the puppy is one year old. Fresh water should be available at all times. NO MILK!


Since the diet that the puppy is eating is a premium food, it has all the vitamins the puppy needs to grow up healthy, however, small breeds can be finicky at times or be sensitive to change (such as adapting to a new home, without mom and siblings. ) To help eliminate stress and to help maintain good health during the transition, Nutri-cal Dietary Supplement is recommended.

A 1/2 inch ribbon of Nutri-cal can be given if you notice the puppy is not eating well.


Fresh water should be available at all times. For the week, while the puppy is adjusting to his/her new environment, it is suggested to add a teaspoon of honey or caro syrup to the drinking water to keep his/her sugar level up between meals and to prevent hypoglycemia.

Teething Aids

Your puppy is teething and will be for at least the first year. It is important to allow puppies to teeth, as it allows new teeth to come in, as well as relieves stress and boredom. Teething is a natural behavior and should be encouraged, (on the proper things of course!)

Recommended teething aids:

Chicken Tenders (one per day)


rubber/latex toys (but watch squeakers)

Plush dog toys (not stuffed animals that may have small pieces that may be chewed off)

rope toys

Breath-a-licious/Greenies (after 4mos. of age)

biscuits (formulated for puppies)

NOT recommended:

rawhide or real bones-small pieces may break off and get caught in puppy's throat or intestines. May be given when dog is older and not so eager in his/her chewing habits.